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Add style, value, and function to your home with custom landscaping features.

Triple J Lawncare offers professional landscaping services in Omaha, NE to help homeowners transform their outdoor spaces and get the most use out of their home. Our custom landscape design services focus on adding form, beauty and function to the homes of each of our Omaha clients. We know that every customer has a unique home, family, and style, which is why we don’t rely on cookie-cutter designs for our landscaping designs. Whether you want expand a lush lawn for kids to play in or install a luxurious patio for entertaining guests, our team of experienced landscapers can take your project from start to finish. No matter the size, our landscapers will find a design that suits your budget and your style.

Use Our Landscaping Services to Keep Your Property Looking its Best All Year Long

Our landscaping and lawn care services go hand-in-hand to keep your outdoor spaces looking their best all year long. Our landscape design specialists can recommend the best materials and drought tolerant plants to suit any lawn care maintenance plan. Many homeowners choose Triple J Lawncare for their Omaha landscaping needs because our services can add serious value to their home. The more usable, attractive space you create outside your home, the more resale value the property has for future buyers. Our professional landscaping services are an investment in the future value of your home as well as your enjoyment of your exterior living spaces. Imagine the backyard you’ve always dreamed of, and then let the professionals at Triple J Lawncare turn it into a reality! Create an oasis in your own backyard that is customized to help you relax, entertain and impress!

We Provide a Wide Variety of Services to Your Omaha Property

Triple J Lawncare strives to be your one-stop service for all your landscaping and lawn care needs. From the initial design to the regular maintenance needed to keep your lawn looking refreshed, we do it all! Our lawn care services include:

Landscaping Design

Triple J Lawncare is the best in all of Omaha for landscape design. We specialize in both commercial and residential lawn care as well as outdoor living spaces. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs, from simple gardening to complete reconstruction. You will be amazed with the quality of service you receive when you choose Triple J Lawncare to handle all your lawn needs. If you are looking for high quality results at a reasonable rate, look no further than Triple J Lawncare and Landscaping!

Patio Pavers & Walkways

Patio Pavers are a great way to give your home a professional look while adding to the functionality of your home. They allow you to have more room for other things that you would like on your property such as garden ornaments, decking or even a swimming pool! Patio Pavers come in many different shapes and sizes which ensures that we can provide an installation suitable for each individual customer’s needs. We will take into account the size of the patio required; we will also consider the style of your house, the color of it, and what material you would like your Patio Pavers to be constructed from. Patio pavers are available in a number of different materials which include concrete, paving stones, bricks or natural stone. Patio Paver and Walkway installation is simple when you choose Triple J Lawncare!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are definitely one of the most common ways to improve your yard. Retaining walls allow you to create extra outdoor space when needed, or they can help prevent soil erosion when placed near water or steep inclines. They also give your yard a very polished look when they are done properly. Your retaining wall can either be made out of natural stone, brick, concrete blocks, wood planks and in some cases even poured-in-place concrete pavers (which we love). Retaining walls aren’t just for creating more usable space in your yard; they also serve as functional barriers between two different types of terrain (i.e., terracing), and they’re good for hiding unattractive features like trash receptacles, electrical boxes, and other unsightly objects. Retaining walls can also be used as an interior design element within your yard; the right wall could function as either a divider between two different spaces (i.e., dividing your front yard from your backyard), or it could even hold potted native plants, flowers or other greenery. Retaining walls are definitely one of our favorite projects because there is so much flexibility in how you can configure them for your space!

A Triple J landscape architect will work with you to create the perfect Retaining Wall for YOUR Backyard!

Fire Features

Fire features are an impressive, visually appealing addition to any backyard. Fire features allow you to see your backyard in a whole new light with flickering flame and glowing embers adding extra beauty and interest to your own personal oasis. Fire features are available to fit every size and shape imaginable, so you won’t have any trouble finding an option that will work perfectly for your needs. Fire pits are perfect if you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor gatherings with friends and family members. Fire bowls are great options for residential pools because they provide warmth as well as beauty to complement the aquatic aspects of the pool itself. Fire tables are convenient ways to create an inviting outdoor bar or nightlife entertaining area where everybody can kick back, relax…and toast their feet! Fire cauldrons also work especially well for this purpose by opting for them instead of fire tables if you want something more dramatic in scale. When you make the choice of fire features for your Omaha outdoor spaces, Triple J Lawncare can help you find the perfect solution for your yard!

Outdoor Kitchens

If you are looking to spice up the functionality of your home with an Outdoor Kitchen, our Outdoor Kitchen experts at Triple J Lawncare can help. Outdoor Kitchens can add a whole new level of entertainment to your backyard. We offer Outdoor Kitchens for both residential and commercial properties. They are a great addition for homeowners to entertain family and friends or just a little alone time on their patio. Outdoor Kitchens can be used in the summer months to barbecue while enjoying the weather or during winter months where you can relax around a fire pit with some hot chocolate. They can also include interesting features such as pizza ovens, refrigerators, bar seating and even sinks! Outdoor Kitchen options are endless when you work with our Outdoor Kitchen experts at Triple J Lawncare.

From a beautiful garden to a high functionality retaining wall, Triple J can turn your back or front yard into an outdoor oasis!  

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